Thai Disco 1

Location: 5001 Beach Road #02-85/92
                Golden Mile Complex
                Singapore 199588

Tel / Reservation: (65) 6295 1611

Opening Hours:

Weekdays                              8pm – 3am
Saturday & Eve of PH             8pm – 4am
Sunday & PH                          8pm – 3am


Happy Hours (Before 10pm):

1 Jug Beer ~$18 nett 
2 Jugs Beer ~$32 nett
3 Jugs Beer ~ $50 nett
1 Tower ~ $50 nett

Normal Hours (After 10pm):

1 Jug Beer ~ $34.50 nett
3 Jugs Beer ~ $69 nett
Martell ~ $188 nett
Chivas ~ $178 nett
Black Label ~ $178 nett


Field Report:

(ridersiam, 14 Dec 2009)

Field Report on a visit to Thai Disco 1 On Sunday Night 13 Dec.
After partying at zoukout, back to work on sunday morning and feeling so tired and wanna had a drink so decided to patronise my favourite siam diu…
Had a visit there yesterday 13 Dec after my work. It was like 70% full crowd on a Sunday and was a mircale man!. Prices are as usual Not really till the extend of very expensive nor very Cheap. Damage was $69 for 3 jugs for Singha beer. Bought that as didn’t intend to drink hard liquor. Band was really good after changing, but singers didnt really change and they are voices are average sometimes out of tune maybe too tired after singing everyday but can see they are trying really hard to entertain. Yes, 1 LB singer, great entertainer. nice voice, singing Hokkien and Chinese song. PRs wise saying new batch also not really, they are very previous old batch which didnt come back for a few months. Like HONG ( the carrot head chopper) she very hardworking chopping ppl getting top sales hitting quota . 555++  , ah KOI,and also a LB very pretty. the MOST shocking thing is one of the COYOTE can speak Chinese. Name PLOY. Mamasan ah Pond still very good at entertaining guests, bring ladies for them.. Pooyings/ Coyotes wise still got a fews not bad looking. I supposed Ld are at $12 each as I dint got damage on that yesterday.Services standard had drop aalot , once u step in they serve u nicely, after yr 1st drink they wont really top up ur nuts, probably iCe only. They like blind towards nuts. Basically your POOYIngs/coyo will top up for you if they are nice.

Singers Entertainment – 4/5 ( Additional Point for the LB entertainment was awesome)
DJ – 4/5 ( Yeah, spins great songs )
Band Music – 4/5 ( Play great music)
Prices – 3/5 (Still reasonable but slightly maybe can cheaper abit like Sing Thai Disco will be better. ahaha)
Customer Service – 2.5/5 ( Never really top up tidbits ,ice, my leftover bottle we bring out, but mixer also need coyotes to top up for us.)
PRs / Coyotes Entertainment – 3/5 ( Maybe due to too much familiar faces?)
Overall Experience – 4/5 (Thumbs Up)

Ready to Patronise again – Sure why not? Great band and Singer = Great songs! Power Mak Mak.

(Mai Mee Tang, 25 Jan 2010)

Ok Bro ridersam, as promise give u FR…

The new batch of singers not bad, the voice quite good.. Notice one golden colour hair singer, her voice not bad.. The short hair new singer also not bad.. Went in for 2 jugs, left around 12 plus it was 70% full… Flower power still not strong.. The male singer I think sang a Japanese song and he managed to get quite a few flowers for his new songs..

The joker quite steady, one of the customer gave him whiskey, he said not enough, then another table pour half a glass Neat liquour for him to drink. He finished up!

The drummer’s voice also not bad, he sang my fav Bon Jovi song, always..

Last but not least, just a heads up, there’s a coyote who works as a nurse back in Thailand… I think im suffering from GT withdraw symtoms… Need the nurse help liao… 555+


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